iSikh Keertan Diwan @ Sri Gurdwara Bazar, Juja Road, Nairobi

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On Saturday 26th September 2009 iSikh (previously known as Sikh Students’ Federation) held the first Keertan Diwan at the Juja Road Gurudwara Sahib as a follow up towards our 2010 Smagam.

This Gurudwara Sahib’ building was started in 1962 and the building was completed in 1989, with the dining Hall on the ground floor and the prayers Hall on top, which can accommodate 1000 worshippers. The official opening ceremony of Guru Darbar was performed in July 1989.

Gurudwara Bazaar Juja Road is a branch Gurdwara Sahib from the original Gurdwara Bazaar in Nairobi’s City Centre. Currently these two Gurudwaras are being run by a committee under Mr. Pritam Singh Pannu as the chairman. We will be doing a Keertan Diwan at the original Bazaar Gurudwara within the next 2 months also.

We as iSikh have always got a lot of support from the chairman and the committee towards all our programs especially from Mr Dharam Singh Matharu and his family who had been the chairman of Sikh Students Federation previously for many years.

Although on short notice, we got support from all the Juja Road Gurudwara kids and their Keertan was absolutely out of this world. The vibrations and the ambiance of the Darbar Sahib are immense and we hope to have the continuous support of these children at all our upcoming diwans and the Smagam.

Please check out the pictures of the diwan on facebook.